Sanding and Refinishing

Hardwood floors add warmth, natural beauty and value to any home. Bona finishes highlight the true color of the wood with unsurpassed beauty and durability.

About Our Sanding and Refinishing Services:

Dust-free sanding

Dust-free Sanding gives a healthier working environment for the craftsman and keeps the indoor air quality at its best, minimizing the need for cleaning up after the process.

Ergonomic tools and machines

Bona designs products from an ergonomic perspective. From plastic cans that are easy to grip, to ergonomic sanding machines, our products improve the craftsman’s body position and make the job easier.

Indoor air quality

Bona has made a significant contribution to indoor air quality by bringing the emissions from our finishes and adhesives down to very low levels – below all the designated thresholds around the world.

Low solvent content (VOC*)

Bona’s finishes and adhesives with low solvent content (VOC) provide a healthier working and living environment and a general contribution to better ecology.

Renewable raw materials

With Bona Mega, we introduced a product based on vegetable oils, which delivered high performance and low impact on the environment. Today, we strive to develop more solutions with renewable raw materials.

Waterborne finishes

Bona has driven the transition from solvent-based to waterborne finishes. Bona’s products have very low solvent content, and are therefore safer and healthier to use.